Saturday, March 30, 2019

A New Kind of ‘What if...’

What if...

...having the right attitude mattered more to me than being certain about making the right choice?

...instead of ruminating and second guessing, I trusted God to show me anything I need to see more clearly?

...I remembered that God is capable of turning my messes into something great?

...after carefully making a decision, I moved on and let God be responsible for the outcome?

...I left it up to Him to do everything perfectly, rather than thinking it’s my job to never make mistakes?

...I fully engaged with my family, rather than being distracted by the thoughts and decisions that can swirl around my mind?

...I considered all the times when God has arranged things so much better than I ever could?

...I trusted Him to figure out the timings, rather than assuming I know best?

...I reflected on the times when I didn’t need to have wise words because God himself showed the other person the way forward?

...I chose to look down on shame, giving it no influence over my decisions, rather than letting the fear of shame control me? (Ooh – I just saw that  Shame Interrupted’ by Edward T. Welch  is available at a very low price on Kindle right now!)

...I followed Corrie Ten Boom’s advice, and chose to Nestle into God rather than Wrestling constantly with various issues?   (I’ve just ordered her book, ‘Just Nestle, Don’t Wrestle’)

...I recognised the times when fear has got hold of me and stopped to apply the above at that time?

I think that would be great.  In fact, I’m going to try it.

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