Saturday, April 22, 2017

You Know You're Still Adjusting When...

We've been back in the UK for over a month now.  Most of the time it feels completely normal to be here.  But now and again there are sudden reminders that I've been away for a long time.

You know you're still adjusting to British culture when...

1) ...the traffic lights are flashing amber but you can't remember what that means.

2) proudly enter your PIN correctly at the ATM but forget to collect your cash.

3) ...every time you see people doing something sterotypically British, you get excited and point out the activity to the people standing around you.

4) are impressed when the preacher uses the British pronunciation of the name 'Isaiah'.

5) choose your clothes for the day assuming that today's weather will be roughly similar to yesterday's.  You spend the rest of the day feeling too hot or too cold

6) find yourself asking a friend where the end of the queue is because you can't remember what the rules are (and you congratulate yourself that you remembered to use the word 'queue' at all).

7) fight the urge to greet people in town with, "Good morning!" and to offer strangers a lift in your car.

8) don't know what normal clothes look like: When you ask your spouse what the brown stretchy item is that you've just found on the carpet, you are informed that it's your sock.

9) correct yourself after using words from a different dialect of English.

10) still forget to take bags to the shop to put your shopping into.

11) feel slightly awkward after using 'home' to describe the country you've been living in.

12) ...your children still don't understand the point of socks and so never wear them.