Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why I'm not Ready for a Perfect Husband

I think every married woman has moments of wishing their spouse was different in some way; and of course praying for our husbands to become more like Jesus can only be a good thing. 

While I'm extremely grateful for a husband who loves me and our children and for a safe home environment, I realise there are definite advantages to having a husband who, like me, still has room for growth.

Because my husband is imperfect...

1) I am reminded that only God is the perfect Bridegroom, and that he offers never failing love.

2) I get lots of practice at dealing with my thoughts and emotions, something that is useful in all areas of life.

3) I am prompted to turn to God more often in prayer and see answers to
prayers I wouldn't otherwise have prayed.

4) I recognise that I need more than one person to encourage me, pray for me
and spur me on to love God and love others. My husband and I together do
not make up the whole body of Christ.

5) I have greater appreciation for the times when my husband loves me in a way that doesn't come naturally to him.

6) My children get to see the process of repentance and forgiveness

7) I am able to encourage and be encouraged by my friends who also have
imperfect husbands.

8) I'm not tempted to worship him instead of God.

9) I don't have to be the only one who gets things wrong.

10) My children will hopefully have realistic ideas about marriage, understanding that a successful marriage is not about two perfect people always agreeing about everything.