Monday, May 16, 2016

Medical Stress

Of all the issues in life, it seems silly that my children's minor medical issues are what so often cause me the most stress. 

We are fortunate to have great doctors and nurses here where we live, and we are grateful to be free from serious medical problems, but I still stress about things like:

- Should I take my child to the clinic? 

- Do I assume it's a virus or might it be an infection that needs treatment?

- Is my child's asthma bad enough right now to need a doctor?

- Can I send them back to school yet?

It seems like all my desires and insecurities are battling together:

* My hatred of making decisions
* My (often hidden) desire for excitement and attention
* My fear of putting people out
* Not wanting to be seen as ridiculous
* Wanting to follow black-and-white rules
* My dislike of staying home with ill children

One thing I know is that I need to get over my fear of getting it wrong.  I have to remind myself regularly that I'm a human and am not all-knowing or all-wise.  It's good to be aware of all my motives, but sometimes I'll think it all through carefully and still get it wrong.  And that's ok.  And if ok with that, I'll spend less energy stressing about the little things.


  1. Totally get the doctor stress Clare, even more so on UK now where every appointment is precious, and we rule following Brits are paranoid about being time wasters! Doctor appointments have been one of my biggest stressor back here! Also, how long to keep them off school, especially if the kid is not motivated by school in the first place, so they tend to drag it out, and maybe end up starting afresh the next week. Never know how much to push, although my 15 year old discovered that a lot of homework accumulates after a few days, so perhaps that will curtail the languishing a little! I would say any transition makes these issues much harder!if you out, let me know:)

    1. Glad it's not just me :-). The differences between appointments here and in the UK usually cause me some culture shock!

  2. Thanks Clare for this. A book I read last year called The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst really helped me in this area of it being ok to make a decision and it be wrong and not letting that paralyse me from making decision.